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Paris Tours

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Are you:

  • Looking for an adventure?
  • Someone who's always wanted to visit France, but is intimidated by not knowing the language?
  • A single person or a couple who prefers not to travel on their own?
  • A traveler who wants to experience Paris, without having to do all the planning?
  • Someone who doesn't want to visit Paris alone, but hates large tour groups?


If you fit any of the descriptions above, come join us. We're waiting for you.


At Vogue Translations, we believe there's no better way to learn about the French language than by experiencing the country and culture firsthand. Join us on a Paris adventure and we'll introduce you to a world that is rich in history, character, and beauty.

For your convenience, we take all the planning and research out of the way, so all you have to do is pack your bags and enjoy the journey.

To help you make the most of your trip, you'll have a dedicated guide -- a local expert who knows the language and the city. And in between the planned activities, you'll have ample free time to explore the City of Light on your own. Whether this is your first trip to Paris, or you've been there many times before, we'll make this an experience to remember.

Select the tour package below that best strikes your fancy, and when you're ready to travel again, join us for another tour at a discount.



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